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Did you know you can book your own event at the Winchendon History and Cultural Center? We are available for a range of occasions including baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, and paranormal events. If you can dream it up, we can probably accommodate you.

Want some ideas?

  • Book a kids' (or big kid's) birthday party. They can begin with our escape room, and head over to our ice cream shop afterward for a treat.
  • Throw a Gatsby-themed lawn party.
  • Host a paranormal night, and invite your own special guests.
  • Have a Downton Abbey-inspired dinner party to celebrate a special milestone.
  • Host a bridal shower or baby shower for a loved one who is far away. We'll set up a giant monitor so they can video chat through the party, and it will be like they're right there with you!

Get in touch to book your event today!


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Fun Fact:

We've been called 'the coolest historical society in New England' because we are notoriously fun to work with!

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