Board of Directors



President: Don O'Neil
1st Vice President: Peggy Corbosiero
2nd Vice President: Barbara Lafrennie
Treasurer: Sandy Creamer
Secretary: Lee Jacoby

board members

Guy Corbosiero
Lois Abare
Ruth DeAmicis
Erika Lafrennie



Trustee of Trust Funds

Don O’Neil
Peggy Corbosiero
Sandy Creamer



Hospitality: Peggy Corbosiero
Membership: Don O’Neil, Joyce Beauvais
Nominating: Lois Abare, Ruth DeAmicis
Newsletter: Don O'Neil
Program/Tea Committee: Guy Corbosiero, Volunteers
Publicity: Ruth DeAmicis
Remembrance: Don O'Neil
Business Office Manager: Joyce Beauvais


Volunteer research Staff

Supporting Researcher: Julia Cardinal
Archivist/Data Entry: Rebecca Blatz, Jess Brewer, Esther Grimes
Tours & Research: Kerry Bettez